Get Instant Cash With Invoice Factoring

Get Paid Right Away By Selling Your Business Invoices Or Accounts Receivables And Improve The Working Capital Your Business Constantly Needs.

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Factoring Benefits

  • It is not a loan, but a form of off-balance sheet financing.
  • No financial statements, tax returns, or business plans are needed.
  • Improve cash flow without incurring any debt.
  • No risk of home or other property as collateral.

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Faster And Easier Than Traditional Bank Loan

Factoring New York

No rigorous credit checks or heavy paperwork.

Manage immediate working capital needs necessary to operate the business meeting the simple, streamlined underwriting requirements.

Short-term Funding Solution To Reach New Business Goals

Consider working with Conext and you will have payments on the go.

  • Easy Approval
  • Fast Funding Time
  • Simple & Transparent Terms

Focus on your Growing Business

  • Avoid the long wait on customer payments. With Conext you can turn your huge unpaid invoices into money and improve cash flow.
  • Meet payroll, pay vendors, and cover other operating expenses.

Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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