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Financial Solutions To Build Your Dream Home

Building Home Often Has Unforeseen Expenses. Do Not Let Lack Of Funds S Down The Work On Your Dream Home.

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Benefits of Prepaid Card

  • No waiting. Instant Approvals.
  • Simple & easy loan program
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Less risky propositions
  • No strict loan-to-value qualifications

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Easy financing that allows you plan your home from the ground-up

Home Building Loans

Building your dream home incurs a lot of expenses.
Let not your construction phases be interrupted for financial reasons. Get access to funds on your prepaid card through different solutions here on Conext.

Do Not Let Construction Wait For Loan Approvals

Quicker. Safer. Reliable

  • Meet Basic eligibility criteria.
  • Receive funds.
  • Make affordable repayments

Get Your Dream Home Today

  • Spend no time waiting for your money.
  • Receive funds in less time and get started with your home building plans. Pay your builder on time and ensure that you get top quality work.