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Roof Financing Options

  • No bank accounts? No problem.
  • No waiting. Get streamlined access to money.
  • Easier to manage expenses & payments.
  • Easy account loading & reloading.

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Install a New Roof or Repair the Existing One at your Convenience

Home Improvement Funds

Make your living space comfortable, convenient, and accommodating. Use your Conext prepaid card to pay for your home expenses.

Financing for a New Roof – Roof Financing Options

Roofing can be either a planned activity or a totally unexpected investment. Either way investment on a new roof can be quite significant. Luckily there are quite a few financing options these days other than bank loans.
We work with Sunrise banks providing prepaid cards that can be loaded with funds from commercial checks and can be used for paying for your new roof project. Customers can benefit from the options in repayment methods and easy lending process.

Look for the following options when looking for roof financing

Time to access funds

Depending on the urgency of your new roofing project you might have to make sure how fast you can get access to fund. Some roofing plans cannot be postponed until arrival of funds.

No hidden fees

Make sure there are no hidden fees with transactions involved when getting funds. Some companies might have hidden costs for transactions or on withdrawals.

Fund Limit

Check for any preset fund limits. Roof financing projects differ in cost and it is important to make sure funding limit does not interfere with a very important home improvement work.

Be aware of the estimates

It is important to have a clear estimate on the cost involved in roofing project. With clarity on the exact estimates involved for roofing you can then move ahead in getting adequate funds.

Set a Budget

Setting a clear budget can help you create a buffer in timely payments. With clear budget estimates the funds can be paid at the right intervals.

When you do not have enough cash to pay upfront for your new roofing project, exploring different financial options is the best way to go. From cashing on your checks to other possible options ensure that you have the sufficient funds before getting into a big project like roof installation.

It’s Easy And Simple

  • Qualify simple credit terms.
  • Quick and easy way to meet your expenses.
  • Enjoy flexible repayment terms.

Get Your Roof Back In Order

  • Do not compromise on your home improvement plans.
  • Get that roof in order today use your prepaid card for instant cash.