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Benefits of Small Business Financing

  • Maintain positive cash flow
  • Invest on new inventory
  • Meet immediate payroll needs
  • Invest on newer mergers or acquisitions

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Small Business Financing for Business Owners

There are quite a few options for small business owners to get funding to start or grow their business. It is the same as business funding or business financing that companies normally look at when trying to start and run a business.
Business owners who are looking for small business financing end to look for debt or equity. While there is an option to use one’s own money to cover business expenses it is not the most preferred choice.

Different Ways to Finance Your Small Business

Term Loan

One of the common way small business owners look at if financing the business through a term loan. In term loan, you get a lump of cash that can be used for making business investments and it can be repaid in different ways like a monthly or weekly payment until the borrowed sum is paid off.

SBA Loans

Small business administration is an agency of the government that encourage actual lenders to lend for small businesses. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender does not take the total brunt of the defaulted amount since the loan is incentivized so that lenders can take more risks.

Line of credit

Here the borrower is presented with a huge sum of money available for use. The borrower can prefer not to use the entire amount available but use only a part of the money that is required for the business and pay interest only for that amount used. The interest rates are normally lower than traditional loans.

Prepaid Card

This is type of financing that is gaining in popularity with small business owners. Business owners can choose to cash on their invoice, payrolls or checks. The cash is made instantly available on a prepaid card usually for a small fee and it can be used immediately to make crucial transactions depending on the business requirements.

Small Business Financing Options

  • Cash your checks
  • Cash on your outstanding invoice
  • Get your payroll checks cashed
  • Funds are loaded to prepaid card for instant access

One Stop Small Business Financing Solution

  • You do not have to wait for banks to clear your checks
  • No more paperwork that goes on for days
  • No credit check
  • Minimal terms and conditions for approval