B2B Payments

B2b Payment Solution – Centralize Your Small Business Payment Process

No More Delayed Payments. Pay Your Vendors/suppliers On The Go, Adapting To A Common B2b Payment System.

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B2B Payment Benefits

  • Ease of payment transactions
  • Fastest growing payment method among small businesses
  • Improve client relationship management
  • Lesser risk and cost effective


B2B Payment is Safer and Convenient than Dealing with Cash

B2B Payment Solutions

Checks or cash can be easily misplaced or stolen. With B2B payment solutions you can have faster collection of payments, manage situations with unsuccessful payments, and offer more convenience to your vendors.

Experience Better Growth, Optimizing Your Accounts Payable

  • Enjoy a constant supply of goods irrespective of business cash flow problems.
  • Getting trade discounts for making regular upfront payments.
  • Moving faster and better in the growing market.

Business-to-business Payments Simplified

  • With the Conext prepaid card, you can process and make B2B payments in a quick and efficient way.
  • Get improved visibility of payment status and accurately forecast and manage your small business cash flow.