Should You Still Be Accepting Checks?

Pros and Cons of Accepting ChecksIn the age of credit cards, mobile payment and e-banking, many business owners wonder whether paying by check still has a place. To help you decide for yourself, we’re sharing some of the risky business with checks as well as a few benefits that may keep you from writing them off altogether.Read more

Carving Out Your Small Business Niche in A Big Business World

Building a Successful BusinessWhen you’re just starting your journey as a small-business entrepreneur, you might be tempted to offer a long list of products or services. After all, what could be better than being known as the best company for all of those services? But in reality, it’s pretty difficult – if not impossible – to establish yourself as the best at something if you’re juggling so many different offerings.Read more

How to Budget Your Company’s Money in 3 Easy Steps

How to Budget Company’s MoneyFor many, preparing a budget is a challenge. A good business budget will save money, help you stay out of debt, and achieve your business goals.

A well-planned budget can also help you face emergencies and market trends that cannot be foreseen.

Here are three simple steps can guide you in preparing an effective and stress-free budget for your business:Read more

How to Cut Expenses When Running a Small Business

Reduce Business ExpensesFor a small business, every expense count. Even minor increases in expenses can have an impact on profit and sustainability. Simple, planned steps can greatly influence profits for small businesses.

Small businesses have to also step back and look carefully on past expenses as often as possible to understand business fluctuations better to stay strong.Read more