How to Cut Expenses When Running a Small Business

Reduce Business ExpensesFor a small business, every expense count. Even minor increases in expenses can have an impact on profit and sustainability. Simple, planned steps can greatly influence profits for small businesses.

Small businesses have to also step back and look carefully on past expenses as often as possible to understand business fluctuations better to stay strong.Read more

How to Grow Your Small Business Locally

Small Business GrowthThe key to grow your business locally is by building strong relationships. You need to become the go-to person who the locals can rely on for service expertise.

Though building your customer’s trust is important, there are many other areas which play an important role in growth. Learning about your location and building quality, trust, and timeliness are vital factors for growth.

Here are some simple tips for your small business to gain better position in the local market:Read more

Best Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer RetentionReports suggest that by 2020, customer service will be far more important than price and product and will be the key differentiator between competitive brands in the future.

As high as 86% customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. And, 91% will leave a business when they are not happy.Read more

Prepaid Cards – A Match Made in Heaven?

Conext Prepaid CardPrepaid cards have seemingly taken the world of finance by storm since their arrival a few years ago. Not only are they easy to use, but they can be low cost and low maintenance, too.
But with so many options to choose from, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Below we’ve listed a few key factors to consider when choosing your next prepaid card:Read more

Five Personal Loan Secrets You Need to Know

Lending CompanyActually, closing a loan can be difficult. Lending companies expect a business plan, financial forecasts to justify the loan amount, and even your home as collateral. The prepared lending companies, however, knows the 5 secrets to winning the respect of the lending companies, and the loan you need.Read more

Commercial Finance is Changing – Here’s What you Need to Know

commercial finance for small business

Most people, especially “first-time buyers,” tend to think only in terms of approaching their own banks when it comes to arranging finance. But there are a bunch of other options that people forget to consider, like commercial mortgage lenders, asset finance lenders, lenders that specialize in factoring/invoice discounting, lenders that can provide finance based on existing pensions, refinancing of existing commercial finance and much more.Read more

Are Checks Going Out of Style

checks or digital paymentIf you’ve written a check, had to scrounge for an envelope and stamp, and then tried to find a mailbox, you realize pretty quickly why paper checks are being usurped by an array of digital payment methods. Nowadays, our phones can do just about anything we need them to do, payments included. The same is true of our computers, laptops, and tablets.Read more

Get Paid Faster Through Conext® Visa Prepaid Card for Your Small Business Operations

Prepaid Card for Small Business GrowthCash is the lifeline of any business, which means that maintaining positive cash flow is absolutely necessary for small businesses. With better cash flow, a small business can operate efficiently and make the right investments.

From managing day-to-day expenses to accounts payable to keeping up with late paying customers, the priorities for small business owners are endless. Read more