Why Prepaid Card
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Does Your Business Use
CONEXT® Visa® Prepaid Card?

With this powerful tool, you can control your money in a way you never have before. Best suited for small business financing needs.

Conext Card

Access your funds,

move them fast, and make your money work for you.

Instant Check Cashing

Customer’s Checks

You can cash your customer’s
checks and add them to the card
fast and at your convenience.*

CONEXT® Visa® Prepaid Card


Banking made easier. Check your balance and transaction history anytime.


Access your funds anytime, anywhere. Including check cashing the same day.


Create Secondary sub-cards for your employees.


Control employee spending. Maintain positive cash flow.

Load Up

You can cash your customers checks and add them to the card fast & at your convience.*

Bill pay

Pay bills online through conext prepaid card or by check.†**

Real Time

Real time

24/7 Access

24/7 access to customer service available in English & Spanish.