How the CONEXT® Visa® Prepaid Card Helps Small Businesses Get Paid �� Faster

Cash is the lifeline of any business, which means that maintaining positive cash flow is absolutely necessary for small businesses. With better cash flow, a small business can operate efficiently and make the right investments.

From managing day-to-day expenses to accounts payable to keeping up with late paying customers, the priorities for small business owners are endless.

Maintaining a positive cash flow does not always mean huge profits but maintaining a good balance with cash inflow and business expenditures. CONEXT® can help you make the most out of your money by helping you budget, track, and spend what you decide is right for your business.

Some of the key factors that can help your small business get paid faster include the following:

Access Your Funds

Access to your funds will help you close the cash flow gap between billed work and accounts payable to suppliers and contractors. Traditional loans, or even online loans, are the first viable options that come to mind. But these loans may not be as great as they seem �� between high interest rates, rigorous credit checks, and large collateral submissions, you might end up getting yourself into more trouble than you started.

The CONEXT® Visa® Prepaid Card gives you the option to access the funds of your business checks without requiring collateral, credit checks, or interest rates since it is not a credit card. Plus, your funds are available in real-time.

B2B Payment Network

Whether you want to travel or pay for other business-related expenses, just load funds on your CONEXT® card in Georgia, Florida, and Long Island. Plus, that means that CONEXT® is a B2B payments network, so you can transfer to any CONEXT® Primary Cardholder in any state in real-time at no extra cost.

Once the prepaid card is loaded, it can be used for in-store purchase everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted in the continental U.S., online shopping, bill payment, and more.

Run Your Business Better

The hustle & bustle of owning a business makes it difficult to keep track of your company��s spending. With CONEXT®, you can receive notifications when your card is used, track spending on the app or online, and even set restrictions on sub cards. And with your company expenses in one place, your accounting department��s work can be streamlined.

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