How to Grow Your Small Business Locally

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Small Business GrowthThe key to grow your business locally is by building strong relationships. You need to become the go-to person who the locals can rely on for service expertise.

Though building your customer’s trust is important, there are many other areas which play an important role in growth. Learning about your location and building quality, trust, and timeliness are vital factors for growth.

Here are some simple tips for your small business to gain better position in the local market:

Get Feedback

Customers are vital for your business. The first step is to figure out what your customers are looking for among the services that you can provide. When you survey your customers, you will learn about their opinion, get quality inputs, and understand how they see your brand and products.

Based on the information gathered, effectively implement changes and show them that you value their opinions. Additionally, when you are up-to-date with customer needs, your services will more likely improve customer satisfaction. This helps you develop your customer base around the community.

Focus on Marketing – Online & Offline

According to BrightLocal, 86% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business. Be aware that people have accepted and been part of the ongoing digital transformation – this means more and more customers are choosing online delivery options instead of strolling along the lanes to purchase things around their locality. Get your business found online.

Be active on your social media platforms, promote your business wherever possible, and build your online customer base. Social media is a great platform to instantly view feedback, customer responses and be always connected with your customers.

If you have the budget, advertise in local prints, radios and shopping zones. Providing discounts, early bird offers, coupons and gifts also help market yourself as a brand.

Join your Local Chamber of Commerce

Connecting with local business groups is vital for local businesses. It not just helps you build your business network; it helps you know, understand, and learn from other businesses in your area.

A study conducted by The Schapiro Group and Market Street Services found that the businesses with local chamber membership would enjoy a 44% increase in its consumer favorability.

Host or Sponsor Events

For many small businesses, an event can be a great way to market and spread the word about their business. Promoting or hosting the right event which can bring in targeted customers is crucial.

When you are hosting or sponsoring an event, first analyze if it would initiate more leads. If it would, carefully lay down a plan. To begin with, you should define your target market, set a realistic goal, create a budget, build your marketing plan and finally promote to the right audience. Ensure that every vital information like name, phone number, and email is captured.

After the event, you should review and analyze the cost incurred, leads you have received, and number of conversions. This way, you can be more prepared for future events.

Adopt Word-of-Mouth Marketing

As per the report from invecpro, word of mouth impression results in 5 times more sales than a paid media impression.

Generally, people find it comfortable asking their friends about a brand or product before they make a purchase. Focus on spreading the word about your business throughout the community. Your business would be talked about when you have a great product, excellent service, competitive pricing and excellent customer relationship.

Connect with Local Influencers

Building your brand reputation is not easy. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of work. Having a local influencer on board will help you reach your goals quicker. Local influencers have a larger following online and offline and tend to meet and speak to a much larger audience. Their words weigh heavier and are trusted. Spreading your brand and services through them can help you land larger customers and build your reputation quicker.

As a small business owner, marketing your business can take away your much-needed time to run the business. However, consistency in quality and customer relations can alone help you grow your local business to the next level.

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